7 Ways To Get Customers For Your Teeth Whitening Business

There are many ways to attract customers to a teeth whitening business. Let’s be honest, getting customers is probably the hardest part of running your business and it can cause such a big headache! When you have a good product like teeth whitening, implementing the right strategy can be very effective! 

Here are a few strategies you can try:

  1. Offer a special promotion or discount to new customers that encourages them to try your services.

This is our recommendation for people who are just starting their business. Before you can expect to be successful you need to gain the trust of your customer base by showing them that what you do actually works.

The best way to get people in the door as an inexperienced whitening professional is offering a discount or special promotion like a buy one get one session free or something like an opening week sale, where your customers get 50% off your services.

Whichever promotion you choose, be sure to advertise it on your social pages, website and on digital social groups you belong to on Facebook.

  1. Use social media and online marketing to reach a wider audience. 

This is more of a long-term solution. For those who want to grow their business over the long-run creating and building your social media profiles is a must! These profiles are essential for building trust and an active base of clientele. We recommend promoting your services on your business profile and your own personal profiles as well.

As your business grows you may want to look into online advertising. We recommend waiting to see the sales you can get from organic traffic first before focusing on paid advertising because it can be expensive and eat into the money you’re making.

For information on how to build an amazing social media profile click here.

  1. Partner with local businesses or organizations to cross-promote each other’s services. For example, you could team up with a salon or spa to offer a discounted teeth whitening package to their customers.

This is a very effective way of getting the word out about your business. By using other businesses that have a dedicated customer base and social following to promote you, you will build trust within your customer base and create a relationship for good word of mouth moving forward.

Keep in mind that this relationship should be mutual, so you should expect to compensate the other business by either promoting their service or by payment for the referrals they give you.

  1. Consider offering mobile services, so you can bring your teeth whitening services directly to your customers.

A mobile teeth whitening business is a great way to reach a larger customer base, but may not be for everyone. When deciding whether to pursue a mobile teeth whitening business remember to factor in the cost of travel, because it will affect your bottom line.

For more information on starting a mobile teeth whitening business click here.

  1. Reach out to dental offices or other healthcare providers in your area and offer to partner with them to provide teeth whitening services to their patients.

Many dental professionals do not offer teeth whitening services but want their clients to get their teeth whitened before performing cosmetic procedures such as putting in crowns or fillings. This is why we recommend searching out local dentists within your area. Many of these professionals are looking for trusted individuals they can partner with for this service already and it mind as well be you!

  1. Host events or workshops to educate people about the benefits of teeth whitening and how your business can help them achieve a brighter, healthier smile.

A unique way of growing your customer base is by providing workshops or participating in events such as local fairs or community outings. These provide a great opportunity for your business to be exposed to people who may otherwise not know about your business and educate them on the benefits of professional teeth whitening.

There may be a cost associated with participating in these events. You will want to make sure that the benefit your business will gain is worth the cost.

  1. Have an accredited professional teeth whitening certification.

The best way to get more customers is by being a trusted teeth whitening professional. This means having the appropriate training and certification to back-up your business. Customers will want to know how you learned to whiten teeth, and it’s important that you can back-up your skill set with professional training and proof of certification.

Vivid Teeth Whitening provides the most in-depth teeth whitening training course on the market with videos, and instructions on performing the treatment properly and safely. If you’re not a certified teeth whitening professional and want to become one click here.


In the end, these are some of the best ways to get new customers as a teeth whitening professional. Many of which we here at Vivid Teeth Whitening have tried ourselves and have been successful.  Keep in mind that  they certainly are not the only ways. When you put your mind to it, you will have several more creative things you can try to gain more customers.

How does Hydrogen Peroxide whiten teeth?

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful whitening agent that can be used to whiten teeth. It is a natural bleaching agent that is commonly used in teeth whitening products and is safe for use at home.

Hydrogen peroxide works by penetrating the enamel of the tooth and breaking down stains and discoloration. The oxygen molecules released during this process help to lift and remove the stains, leaving teeth looking brighter and more radiant.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide Safely

You should not create your own Hydrogen Peroxide formula or use an at-home Hydrogen Peroxide solution. If done incorrectly it can cause significant irritation and damage to your mouth, gums and teeth.

It is important to note that Hydrogen Peroxide can be abrasive to tooth enamel if used too frequently or in high concentrations. It is best to use it sparingly and to follow the instructions on the packaging carefully.

Because of the risk that Hydrogen Peroxide can have to your teeth in gums, we recommend only using Hydrogen Peroxide solutions with direction from a trained professional or dentist.

Other Formula Options

There are a number of formulas and mixes used in the teeth whitening industry. Besides Hydrogen Peroxide the next effective whitening agent is Carbamide Peroxide, which works similar to Hydrogen Peroxide to bleach teeth, but takes several consecutive applications.

Best Practices

As stated, when using a Hydrogen Peroxide formula it is recommended to consult a teeth whitening professional or dentist.

In addition to using Hydrogen Peroxide for teeth whitening, it is also important to practice good oral hygiene habits. This includes brushing and flossing regularly, using mouthwash, and visiting the dentist regularly for professional cleanings and checkups.

Overall, Hydrogen Peroxide is a safe and effective way to whiten teeth with a professional or at home if done under the right supervision or instruction. By using it in moderation and following good oral hygiene practices, you can maintain a bright and white smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening Vs. Home Whitening Treatments

Let’s face it, everyone wants whiter teeth, and it seems like everyone has their favorite teeth whitening method. With the newest trend in teeth whitening being Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Spas and Professionals. 

So how do these professional whitening spas and professionals compare to traditional at home whitening kits and strips? 

Professional and Home Whitening Defined

First let’s discover what we mean when we talk about professional teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening is a teeth whitening treatment that is performed by a professionally trained and certified cosmetic whitening pro or a trained dental professional. This type of whitening is typically more effective than home whitening and can produce dramatic results in a much shorter amount of time. Professional teeth whitening is also safer and more controlled, as the whitening professional will carefully monitor the process and use better protective equipment and gels.

Home teeth whitening, on the other hand, is a teeth whitening treatment that is performed at home using over-the-counter products (Usually a whitening kit or whitening strips.) This type of whitening is typically less expensive and less effective  than professional whitening but it does allow you to whiten your teeth on your own schedule without leaving your home.

Now that we are familiar with both professional and at home whitening treatments let’s explore some of the differences.


There is a huge price difference between professional teeth whitening and at home whitening treatments when it comes to price.

Professional teeth whitening can be expensive with a 90 minute appointment costing you anywhere from $100-$250 depending on where you live and who is performing the treatment.

Here is a professional teeth whitening pricing example from an actual whitening professional in Idaho – Teeth Whitening Rexburg.

At home whitening solutions are usually moderately cheap with whitening kits starting at around $30 and strips costing you anywhere from $15-$45.

For some home whitening kits and their pricing you can click here to browse them on Amazon.


What professional whitening lacks in price it makes up in effectiveness. Professional teeth whitening is usually much more effective and works in a much shorter amount of time (Usually from a single 90 minute treatment.) On average a professional treatment can yield a 4-9 higher shade difference than an at home whitening kit.

There are so many options when it comes to at home whitening treatments that it is hard to mash all of their effectiveness into one category. However, it is pretty safe to say that the same results do not come overnight like they do with professional teeth whitening.


Professional teeth whitening treatments usually last about 6 months to a year, while an at home treatment can last forever… as long as you keep using the treatment.

However, using at home whitening treatments for an extended period of time is not good for your teeth and will likely cause dental issues and sensitivity that will make maintaining long-term results very difficult.


There are pros and cons to both professional teeth whitening and home teeth whitening. If you are considering teeth whitening, it is important to consult with a dentist or whitening professional to determine the best option for your individual needs. A dental professional can provide you with personalized recommendations and help you to achieve the best possible results.

Starting Your At-Home Teeth Whitening Business in 2022

Starting an at-home teeth whitening business is the most popular way for people to start teeth whitening. It allows whitening professionals to start their teeth whitening journey without having a separate place of operation and is by far the most affordable way to start your business.

In this article you’re going to learn;

What is an at-home teeth whitening business?

An at-home teeth whitening business is where you perform professional teeth whitening treatments for customers from the comfort of your home. Unlike operating a teeth whitening spa or mobile teeth whitening business you will never have to leave your home to operate your business.

On top of that, an at-home teeth whitening business is also much cheaper and easier to start than the other options. However, a professional operation from home does usually require a lot of space from your home to comfortably service a customer and store your equipment.

If you are confused about what a teeth whitening business or teeth whitening professional is please click here.

How to start your at-home teeth whitening business step by step.

Starting is actually really easy! We are not including additional steps for the best business practices, you can find those steps in our free business center here.

Step #1: Get trained and certified as a teeth whitening professional!

You can’t perform a professional teeth whitening treatment without training and getting certified first. Getting certified is easy and the best part is that it can be taught online! Our online certification is the most in-depth teeth whitening training course on the market! We use a mixture of videos, modules, and our teeth whitening manual to teach you the professional teeth whitening process and how to ensure that you are doing everything safely! learn more about our teeth whitening training course and certification here.

Learn about our training and certification here.

Step #2: Get all your equipment and materials.

Professional teeth whitening requires the right equipment and whitening materials. You can’t perform your treatment without some essential equipment. Below we have made a list of all the equipment you need to get started.

Essentials for teeth whitening

Things you probably want

This may seem like a lot but we sell all of this stuff in a package with your training! That way get everything you need to start!

Step #3: Choosing a space for teeth whitening

This step is essential. You want to create a separate space for your business. Teeth whitening should be done in a clean and relaxing environment and not in the clutter of the rest of your home. We strongly recommend that at-home whitening professionals dedicate a spare room for their whitening business and take the time to turn it into an at-home spa.

This means choosing a room that you can design around your brand and keeping it free of others that may interrupt the space. A huge part of this is decoration. For more information on how to decorate a home spa read this article here. It is not specific to teeth whitening but may generate some good ideas.

Step #4: Start whitening teeth!

There may be other things you want to do before actually starting to operate as a business and you can find those things in our free business center.

However, starting truly is not that difficult with training, your materials and a space to whiten teeth you should have everything you need to get the job done.

Pros and cons of doing teeth whitening from home

An at-home teeth whitening business may not be right for everyone. For some this affordable business option is the perfect way to start because you eliminate the cost of rent or a vehicle. For others, you may not have the space to actually perform the treatment professionally from your home. In any case, let’s break down the pros and cons that we have found with an at-home teeth whitening business.

Pros of an at-home whitening businessCons of an at-home whitening business
Most affordable optionLess professional
Easy to startTakes away space in your home
Stay in the comfort of your homeStrain on some local marketing
Tax benefitsHarder to grow
No rentNo street traffic or visibility


In conclusion, an at-home teeth whitening business is a great way to start, but should not be the end goal. Some teeth whitening professionals do incredibly well from the comfort of their homes. Others will find that growing your business may become very difficult. However, this is our recommended way to start because it is affordable gives you the time you need to grow your business slowly.

Making Money With A Mobile Teeth Whitening Business

Taking your teeth whitening business mobile can be a great way to generate extra revenue, giving you the opportunity to broaden the potential clients that you serve. In fact, we recommend that every whitening professional has some form of mobile teeth whitening as part of their business.

In this article your going to learn;

Starting a Fully Mobile Teeth Whitening Business

Running a mobile whitening business enlists a different business model than a stand-alone whitening spa or doing the service out of your home, but does provide several benefits to a teeth whitening professional with the ability to drive their equipment and materials to a location outside their home or spa. Most mobile operations use a vehicle that they already own and perform the treatment in the home of others. This is easier done with mobile-friendly equipment that is meant for mobile operations. Our standard whitening lights are not meant for mobile use but can be adapted. You can browse mobile whitening lights and resources by clicking here.

Others buy and modify a van or bus with which they operate. This option is more expensive but can be effective in certain locations where you aim to operate in several different locales. Starting a fully mobile business is often more difficult and requires more planning when compared to a home or spa operation.

You will have to do further research into things like insurance that covers a mobile operation. Your area may also have other laws and regulations that you will need to follow. Remember to always do your proper research so that you stay within the limits of the law.

In the end, a mobile operation can provide several benefits, the biggest of which is expanding your market. With a mobile operation you can cater to a larger number of people spread through out a vast area, which gives you the possible advantage of servicing more clients a day.

Different ways to take your business mobile.

Mobile teeth whitening refers to any portion of your business that is performed outside of your whitening spa or home. Some whitening operations are completely mobile, but the majority of whitening professionals have either a whitening spa or perform the treatments in their home, while implementing some form of mobility to their business. Here are some of the ways to take your operation mobile.

Trade Shows

Local trade shows can mean good money in a short period of time. People go to trade shows ready to spend money on unique items and services which makes them the perfect place to display your professional teeth whitening skills. Be weary if you find many other teeth whitening professionals involved in the same place. This will make it more difficult to land customers.

Trade shows do make you pay for your place in the show. Do your research about the number of people that usually attend each particular show you plan on being involved with, then from there gauge the amount of money you will be able to earn from a show, some shows may not be worth paying for your place at the show.


Like trade shows, fairs can be a great place to bring your operation in front of a lot of people. Fairs can draw in thousands of people! However, some fairs may not draw in a clientele that would be interested in teeth whitening so be sure the fair is something that matches the vibe of a teeth whitening operation.

Health Clinics

Health clinics like dentists may also be interested in having you operate out of their facility. Many dentists don’t offer teeth whitening because other dental treatments outside of whitening like cleanings, crowns, fillings, etc. make them more money. This provides whitening clinics with a unique opportunity to build partnerships with local dentists.

Be careful not to approach anyone that may see you as a competitor, do your research before approaching any medical professional. 


Don’t want to rent out your own spa space? Try partnering with a spa on a temporary basis to offer and market your services within their spa for a split revenue deal. In many cases, you will have to give a good chunk of your revenue to the spa owner, but if you’re able to generate enough traffic it can be a win-win!

Having others like a spa do a large chunk of the marketing work for you can also alleviate one of the largest stressors when it comes to teeth whitening, finding clients.

Local Business Meet-Ups

In many communities there are groups that meet together to display and advertise their local business ventures. These groups can mean the opportunity to not only provide your service during meetings but partner with other local businesses to market and operate.

Do research into what local business groups exist in your community. Many of these groups can be found marketing themselves on Facebook. Other places to look for such groups are in your local chamber of commerce. Partnering with other local businesses in any fashion can be extremely useful for getting the word around about your venture. It is always good to have others in the community promoting your business.

Whitening Parties

It’s likely your family and friends will want to help you reach success in your business. One of the best and most profitable ways to do this is by hosting whitening parties at their homes with all of their friends. For these you will usually want to own more than 1 whitening light, however you can get by with just the one light as well.

A whitening professional can come out of one of these parties making $500 to $2000 in just one day. It is best practice to offer a discount of some kind to incentivize these parties.


Gyms are similar to spas in the fact that people who care about their appearance are usually the same people that go to a gym. You can benefit from a gym’s traffic by partnering with them by hosting whitening sessions in the gym. Like a spa you will have to split your revenue so plan accordingly. 

Health Product Providers

A health product provider is someone or store that provides health products such as beauty, supplements, protein and a number of other products to consumers. Many of these people sell these products from their homes and others may own supplement or beauty stores.

For those providers who operate out of their homes with a loyal customer base, you can provide them with the opportunity to host similar house parties for their clients with a revenue-sharing plan, and with those who own a store or shop the relationship would be the same as doing business inside a gym or spa.

What are the pros and cons of mobile teeth whitening?

Pros of Mobile Teeth Whitening

Operations can span a large area.
People feel comfortable in their home.
Cheap to start.
Tax benefits.
Easy to start.
Forms personal relationships.
Can mean more involvement in the community.

Cons of Mobile Teeth Whitening

Other homes may not be optimal for treatment.
Local restrictions on a mobile business.
Less room for expansion.
No street advertising.
Can take a lot of time to get from one appointment to another.
Gas is expensive.
Insurance can be high.


We recommend that all whitening professionals take their business mobile in some way, giving you the chance to diversify your business and reach new avenues. Use this article as a guide on how to branch into mobile teeth whitening. With one final note, If you are looking into a fully mobile operation, make sure that you commit time to researching the regulations that may exist for your operation.

If you want more information on mobile teeth whitening, call one of our whitening professionals!

How to start a Teeth Whitening Spa in 2022

Thinking about starting a whitening spa? Starting a teeth whitening spa is no easy feat! but for those who truly want to dive in and start their own business, having your own teeth whitening spa will give you legitimacy that an at home or mobile whitening operation will likely not give you. For us here at Vivid Teeth Whitening, opening a whitening spa or at least working out of a beauty parlor should be all teeth whitening professionals end goal.

In this article you are going to learn about;

What is a teeth whitening spa?

A teeth whitening spa or sometimes referred to as clinic, is a cosmetic beauty spa whose primary function is performing cosmetic whitening treatments on peoples teeth. A spa is often made up of several whitening chairs and lights, teeth whitening products and a cozy atmosphere for teeth whitening clients. A spa can be located almost anywhere there are people, but are often found in shopping centers, stand alone retail spaces and malls. A whitening spa can also be one of several functions of a beauty parlor, or can have other cosmetic beauty professionals working within or around it.

A teeth whitening whitening spa can be ran by 1 or several teeth whitening professionals, but usually depends on the size of the spa. In some locations where teeth whitening is heavily regulated, you may not be able to open your own location, so do your research before starting.

Benefits to owning your spa.

Like with many businesses opening your own teeth whitening spa will not be easy, but it will be beneficial to you as a teeth whitening professional.

Separates you as a true professional.

One of the greatest benefits to opening your whitening spa is what it will to for your teeth whitening business in terms of professionalism. There is a major difference between getting your teeth whitened in someone’s place of residence where the business is mixed into other home functions compared to getting your teeth whitened in a professional atmosphere that has been designed for the function of teeth whitening.

An at home teeth whitening professional is also usually limited to the clientele that they can serve. Many people will be unwilling or untrusting of someone who operates a business that requires such care out of their home. It takes a lot more effort from these individuals to get clients to trust that they actually know what they are doing.

More ways to get clients.

In your home or with a mobile operation you are limited in your advertising. When you have your own commercial location the sky is the limit when it comes to the platforms and techniques you can use to advertise.

One of the greatest marketing benefits to your own location can be street traffic flowing into your spa. Getting street traffic into your location is huge because you have to apply almost no effort to get clients. An at home professional can spend hours of effort advertising online and contacting people just to get one client in the door, while someone with a spa in the right location can get 3-4 clients a day by just sitting at their desk! This of course requires the effort upfront of getting the right signage for your store front, but once your sign is up and you are operating you have created a visual advertisement that be seen by anyone passing by your location.

Another advertising platform that will be of benefit is Google. The Google My Business platform which is used to list local businesses when you search for things in your area does not support businesses that are operating from home which makes it a lot more difficult to be seen when someone is searching for teeth whitening in your area. We have found that at least 35% of the customers that come to our teeth whitening spa’s find us on Google through our business listings and website. Without a physical location that can mean thousands of dollars of potential clients being unable to find you.

A whitening spa can also become a local destination. This is almost impossible to with an at home whitening office. A local destination means that without you having to much people will be talking about your business and the services that it provides.

Room for expansion

Owning a spa opens the door to expand your teeth whitening business. Some people start with a smaller spa operation with only the capability to do 1-2 whitening clients at a time, but as your clientele grows and you become more busy having your own location opens the door for growth.

With your own location you can not only add more whitening chairs and lights but more people to help you service your clients. As you expand and include more people in your operation you will be able to serve more clients and often be open more hours of the day. Rather than a stand alone whitening professional you become the manager of your teeth whitening team. You will just have to be sure that all your team members are properly trained and certified.

What you need to start your teeth whitening business in 2022

Many of the things you need to start your teeth whitening spa can be found right here at Vivid Teeth Whitening. We provide the most in-depth professional teeth whitening training program on the market as well as the high quality whitening products you need to run your business. We also make it easier by providing you with options to buy now and pay as your earn. Starting your own teeth whitening business could not be any easier!

Along with the training and products we also provide you with our free business center that lays out all the things you need to do in order to start your business. However, we have simplified all the things you need to start your whitening business by listing them below.

Certification and training

Before you are able to perform a teeth whitening treatment or begin servicing clients at your whitening spa you will need to become a certified teeth whitening professional. This will give you the training and documentation that you need to start performing professional chairside whitening treatments on clients.

Not all certifications are the same. Some certifications are outdated and leave key information out of them that you as a teeth whitening professional should know.

At Vivid Teeth Whitening we have created the most in-depth training course on professional teeth whitening, providing you with all the knowledge tools that you need to perform the treatment correctly and safely.

Teeth Whitening Products

You will need to have high quality products to use on your clients. We sell everything you need to perform a teeth whitening treatment in a client kit, including the whitening gels, pre and post care whitening products that each treatment requires.

Be careful where you purchase your teeth whitening products. Remember that as a whitening professional you are held responsible for the care that you give your clients teeth. Some whitening products are not safe to use and can even be held as dishonest, lying about the amount of whitening formula in their gels. If you choose to go with a distributor outside of Vivid Teeth Whitening, be sure that the product you are receiving is actually as was advertised.

Teeth whitening light

Having a Blue LED teeth whitening light is essential to performing your treatments. There are multiple options of whitening lights to choose from all varying in price, function and quality. We have had the opportunity to test multiple lights available on the market and below are our top picks when it comes to whitening lights.

A place of operation or rental space

You will need a retail space to operate your teeth whitening spa out of. Choosing the right space and the right location is essential to your success. If you are operating in a space that is not easy to reach or does not have much foot traffic from surrounding businesses you will find it more difficult to get customers in the door.

That being said you can start a teeth whitening spa wherever a leaser will let you operate as a teeth whitening professional. There are some things to look out for when it comes to choosing your space.

For the most part teeth whitening spa’s operate in smaller spaces of around 700 to 1100 sqft, but there are exceptions. For example, if you plan on growing your teeth whitening business or sub-leasing to other cosmetic professionals you may want to select a bigger space.

You will want to look out for general amenities like air-conditioning and heat, but for a teeth whitening business there are a few other things to look out for such as access to bathrooms and a sink. As part of the whitening process you will need to have access to water. If you find a space without a sink, you will have to bring your own portable water solution.

Renting out a space can be expensive, so you will want to make sure that you will be able to make enough money to both pay rent and give yourself something at the end of the day. If the rental price is going to be too expensive it won’t be worth renting out the space.

Some other things you will need to look out for are the length of lease, information on signage, hidden leasing fees and how to recuperate your initial deposit.


You will likely need both insurance that covers your business in case of accidents and insurance that covers your rental space in case of damages. Insurance is important especially when renting out a space, and will likely be a requirement by leaser of the space. Choose wisely when it comes to your insurance and the things that they will cover when it comes to general liability.

Interior Design and Décor

Creating an in store experience that is both true to your brand and inviting to your customer is super important. If your clients are satisfied with their experience and feel comfortable in the space that you provide for their treatment they will likely return for another treatment in 6 to 12 months as well as tell their friends about your whitening spa so they can have the same experience.

Make a plan when it comes to what your spa is going to look like before you begin to move in. It may be a good idea depending on your budget to hire a professional to design and decorate your space. If you decide to decorate the space yourself, we have found floorplanner.com to be a super good resource when it comes to determining your layout and general design.

Open your spa

Once you have solidified a space to operate in and have gotten all the materials you need both for the teeth whitening treatment and the space itself you are ready to open your teeth whitening spa.

We recommend starting with a soft opening in preparation for your grand opening. A soft opening is where you begin operations without being fully prepared to open the doors to the entire public. We use soft openings to invite influential business owners and local people to come whiten their teeth. This method will start to generate buzz about the spa and service that you are going to provide to the community.

Once prepared, make a big deal about your grand opening. Teeth whitening is something that people can get excited about, if your give them that chance. Be prepared to spend some money and time on social channels like Facebook and Instagram in order to generate the buzz that will help lift your business from the start.

Still have questions about opening a teeth whitening spa? Ask one of our business experts by filling out the form below or giving us a call! We are spa owners ourselves and can answer any question you might have.

Creating Your Business Plan

Creating a business plan will help you put all the important elements of your business into one place. This way when you have important questions pop up you can refer to your business plan to answer them. For a teeth whitening business you are going to want to include the following items;

  1. Brief description of the ideas you have for your business.
  2. What is the thing that makes your business unique? (This is your separation factor.)
  3. Who is going to be involved in our business? What roles will each person take on?
  4. Previous market research for your business.
  5. The different Services, products, and pricing.
  6. How will you finance your business?

Creating Your Business Description

This part of the business plan can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. All in all it should just be a simple description of what you envision for your business. Imagine you have to explain what you want to do with professional teeth whitening to someone using only one paragraph, then jot that down.

Here is an example of something that a new teeth whitening professional might write.

“My teeth whitening business is going to use an at-home whitening office to provide professional teeth whitening services to the people of Orange, County, by providing chairside whitening treatments to my clients at the competitive rate of $150 per treatment. I will be the sole operator and face of my business.”

Above is a very simple description that you might use when describing your business, but if you have a more complex dream and vision for where you want to take your whitening business, you can make the description as descriptive as you want.

Your separation factor(s)

It’s likely that there are other teeth whitening professionals in the location that you will be servicing, so you will need to know what is going to separate you from the competition. If you plan on using Vivid Teeth Whitening as your supplier then you are already a step ahead, because our products are well the best quality on the market.

However, getting customers to understand the higher-quality products that you provide can be difficult at first. So, below is a quick list of things that could separate your business from the competition.

A Professional Whitening Spa: In most cases, a lot of your competitors will be performing the treatment in the home. If you are able to open your own whitening clinic that will be a huge advantage because it adds an element of legitimacy and professionalism to the mix that competition will not have.

Price: Price is tricky because you never want to leave money out of the equation, but if you can hold a competitive and somewhat lower price than your competitors then that gives you an advantage. This, however, is not our recommended separation factor because it can start an ever-lowering price war with the competition and since our products are superior to your competitors it sends the message that we are of lower value.

Availability to Anywhere: If you are able to meet clients at their place of residence that adds a unique spin to your business. Some people these days hate to leave their home, so someone that can meet them where they’re comfortable gives you an advantage with these customers.

Partnerships: Partnerships can be huge when it comes to getting your business and adding some legitimacy to what you are doing. Partnerships can include local spas, gyms, and other businesses in your town. If other well-established businesses can vouch for your service then potential clients are more likely to choose you over the competition.

Custom Website: Having a custom website to educate users about your brand can be a huge separation factor, especially while most teeth whitening professionals rely on social media alone for their business and have 0 web presence. With our whitening spa, we get about 45% of our clients from people finding our website through a search platform like Google.

Create Your Own: There are a million different ways you can separate yourself as a teeth whitening professional. Get creative and come up with something that will really add extra value to your clients when they visit you.

Business Members and Roles

This part could be incredibly simple for you, if you are the only one that is going to be involved in your teeth whitening business then you are quite simply the owner, manager, and operator of your business. However, if you have others going into business with you, then it is a good idea to figure out what their role in the business may be.

For example, you may have an investor who is providing you the money that you need to start your business, and in return, they own a portion of your business. It’s possible that the only contribution this person adds to your business is money, but you have discussed other responsibilities with the same person like them doing the financial work while you run the operations.

In other cases you may be going into business with a friend or family member and each of you will be performing teeth whitening treatments. In this case, you may want to discuss how you guys will be making decisions about the company together. Note, if you do planning on starting the business with another professional teeth whitening partner; you will each need to train and get certified separately before starting.

Providing Research

In our first recommended step for starting a teeth whitening business, we recommend doing some research into your business so that you are aware of what you will be facing when you first start. This means knowing what it will be like running a teeth whitening operation in your area, learning about your competitors, and what rules and regulations you will have to follow surrounding your business.

Services, Products, and Pricing

This is where you will dive into the numbers of your business and how you are going to structure your services and pricing. As a whitening professional the professional chairside service should be your main focus and there should not be much variety when it comes to this service. The only decision you should have to make regarding your treatment is how much you are going to charge.

There are a lot of factors that can affect the price that you choose. The main to pay attention to is what your competitors are charging. It is usually not a good idea to start your pricing off much higher than your competitors, but we also recommend not starting your prices off too low because customers could your see your business as being of less value than theirs.

Other factors for choosing your pricing include; where you are located, who your market it, and current financial trends that are impacting the world like inflation.

We also highly recommend adding extra whitening products for sale in your business. In some cases, up to 70% of your clients will want to buy after-treatment products to make their white smile last longer. If you do choose to add these products as part of your business, you will need to come up with a pricing structure for them as well. Check out our page on how to make money teeth whitening here.

Your finances

Having a plan to fund your business is key. In many cases, you may already have the funds that you need to get started. One of the best parts of a teeth whitening business is that it can cost-effective start.

In some cases, like those who are planning on opening a spa or buying a van for a mobile operation, it is a good idea to have an in-depth financial plan set so that you can plan on how you are going to pay for a possible long term lease on space or vehicle. In these cases, it may be a good idea to consult with an accountant to create a plan moving for moving forward.

Luckily, with super high margins a teeth whitening business easily pays for itself as long as you have customers coming in to whiten their teeth.

Adding other elements

Though we have found that the things listed on this page are the most important elements to add to your business plan there may be other things that you may choose to add. For a few more templates and ideas for your plan visit the United States Small Business Administration here.

Performing Research for Your Professional Teeth Whitening Business

Before starting any type of business it is a good idea to do some research into the things that will make your business successful. Luckily, for teeth whitening we have done a lot of the research for you! Meaning you can use the research found within this article as a starting point, and the other information in the article as a guide to find out information about what will make your future or current teeth whitening business successful.

This article will go over the 3 most important things you should know for your professional teeth whitening business.

  1. Rules and Regulations for teeth whitening in your area.
  2. Who are your potential teeth whitening clients.
  3. Who are the competitors in your area.

Rules and Regulations

Each country, state, county and even city can have different rules regarding what you can and can’t do as teeth whitening professional. It’s for this reason that you need to do extensive research into the laws and regulations in your area. The best way to research is doing a simple Google search such as “Laws for professional teeth whitening

If you are in the United States we strongly recommend having the client perform their own whitening treatment under your supervision, making sure to never touch the client’s mouth. However, this may different depending on where you are located.

For some information on professional teeth whitening regulations by state click here.

Who are your potential teeth Whitening client’s?

Here are some of the things that we have found using our own customer base for our professional teeth whitening businesses.

Learning about your potential customers is one of the most important things you can do! Knowing your customers will set you in the right direction for everything you do in your business.

 Who are the people that get their teeth whitened? It’s hard to nail down one single group of people that whiten their teeth because such a large range of people get their teeth whitened, which is why its such a good business to be a part of in the first place. Potential customers range from adults in their late 50’s who want to erase years of stains, to young adults who want to build their confidence with whiter teeth. However, there are certain groups of people that whiten their teeth more than others. It’s important to know who these groups of people are so you can cater your business to them. Learning about these groups is going to require some research on your part. Think about the people around you that whiten their teeth. What do they have in common? Why do they whiten their teeth? How often do they whiten their teeth? Write down the similarities and differences you observe. 

After you have gone through your own observations its time to do some more in depth research into the people outside your circle that whiten their teeth. We have found the best way to do research in your area is too look at your competitors and see the type of people that are whitening their teeth through them. It’s likely that the people who will get their teeth whitened by you will be similar. The best way to do this, is to see who is following and engaging with them through their social channels and website.

For some general information on the people that whiten their teeth click here.

Who are your competitor’s

It’s time to do some research on the people you will be competing against to get teeth whitening client’s. Researching your local competitors is vital to being able to compete on location, brand and price.

This research can be done super easily with just a few Google, Instagram and Facebook searches. Do a quick search on all of these platforms looking for the teeth whitening professionals that are operating in your area. You are going to want to keep track of these businesses through out your teeth whitening journey so be sure to write down their business name and information either on a spread sheet or google doc.

Below is a list of information that you will want to find out about all of your local competitors.

This information will be key to figuring out what is going to separate your business from your competitors and how you plan on structuring your business plan with things like pricing, image and messaging.


Don’t stop your research there! Even though we have determined that these 3 things are the most important things to know for a teeth whitening business, there is so much more information out their to discover.

Even though this is our first step for starting your business, it can easily be done along with other steps like starting your professional teeth whitening training, buying products and creating your brand image.