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Getting Insurance

Getting General Liability Insurance is important for keeping you and your business safe. You should never operate without first getting the necessary insurance.

What is General Liability Insurance? 

General Liability Insurance is coverage that protects you and your business from claims from customers of bodily injury and property damage claims. This type of insurance is needed by any business that deals with people, not just teeth whitening professionals. 

We recommend getting a policy of at least $1,000,000 to ensure that you are covered from any liability. Signing up for insurance is easier than it has ever been and can be done online.

You should not service customers with professional teeth whitening treatments until after you have signed up and received a General Liability Insurance Policy.

You will find more information on each policy as you review their coverage. Below you will find our recommended insurer.

We work with Alternative Balance to provide affordable insurance for our teeth whitening professionals. Here is a link to help get you started.

General Liability Insurance – Alternative Balance