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Home run

Running your whitening business from home is the most popular way professionals choose to run their whitening business and is our recommended way to start out because it keeps costs for you low. With at home whitening business the only costs you have to worry about are the material costs of the treatment and advertising costs if there are any.

You should not run your whitening business from just any part of your home, but should designate an area or room to run your teeth whitening operations. Put a whitening chair, your whitening lights and all whitening materials in this area and treat it like you would a whitening clinic or spa. This room along with the rest of the house that your clients will see should be maintained, cleaned and highly decorated. 

Your home is a great way to start your business, but we rarely see it as the end goal. As your business grows we encourage you to make plans for moving out of your home and into a whitening spa or mobile operation which will has a much more professional appeal than any at home spa.


Saves you money.Looks much less professional.
Work from home.Requires you to maintain cleanliness of the entire home.
Easy start.Limited growth.
Complete control over the work space.Can reduce your living space.
At Home Business Tax Benefits.No street advertising.
Great training grounds.Google and Apple maps problems. (They don’t like residential businesses.)
Less work load.Business can seem less legitimate.
Cheap to start.