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Whitening spa

We believe that running your business out of a spa is the ideal way of operation. When done right it can be the most profitable. However, for most this is not something that happens overnight due to the number of expenses that are associated with owning a spa, but should be something that you work towards throughout your teeth whitening career. 

In some cases and in some locations you can operate your business out of a beauty spa that focuses on more than teeth whitening. This is a great option whenever possible because you benefit off the traffic coming in for other beauty services like massage, lashes, nails and haircuts.

Running out of a spa is seen as much more professional by most clientele than running a business out of your home. Some people who would not trust getting their teeth whitened in your home, would trust getting their teeth whitened in a professional location. Another one of the biggest benefits of operating out of a spa is the opportunity to grow. Depending on the size of the space you can operate a spa with several different chairs and lights allowing you to give more than one treatment at a time, which can mean a lot of money!