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Mobile business

Running a mobile whitening business is the next cheapest option and provides several benefits to a teeth whitening professional with the ability to drive their equipment and materials to a location outside their home or spa. Most mobile operations use a vehicle that they already own and perform the treatment in the home of others. This is easier done with mobile friendly equipment that is meant for mobile operations. Our standard whitening lights are not meant for mobile use but can be adapted.

Others buy and modify a van or bus with which they operate out of. This option is more expensive but can be effective in certain locations where you aim to operate in several different locales.

Many whitening professionals do a mix of in-home treatments and a mobile operation.

Places of Opportunity 

There are many opportunities for those who are willing to travel and think outside the box. When done right the connections in your local community can result in huge opportunities.

Trade Shows: Local trade shows can mean good money in a short period of time. People go to trade ready to spend money on unique items and services which makes them the perfect place to display your professional teeth whitening skills. Be weary if you find many other teeth whitening professionals involved in the same place. This will make it more difficult to land customers.

Trade shows do make you pay for your place in the show. Do your research about the amount of people that usually attend each particular show you plan on being involved with, then from there gauge the amount of money you will be able to earn from a show.

Fairs: Like trade shows, fairs can be a great place to bring your operation. Fairs can draw in thousands of people! However, some fairs may not draw in a clientele that would be interested in teeth whitening so be sure to match the opportunity with customer persona. (See Customer persona Section for more info on personas.)

Health Clinics: Health clinics like dentists may also be interested in having you operate out of their facility. Many dentists don’t offer teeth whitening because other dental treatments outside of whitening like cleanings, crowns, fillings, etc. make them more money. This provides whitening clinics with a unique opportunity to build partnerships with local dentists.

Be careful not to approach anyone that may seem you as a competitor, do your research before approaching any medical professional. 

Spas: Don’t want to rent out your own spa space? Try partnering with a spa to offer and market your services within their spa for a split revenue deal. In many cases you will have to give a good chunk of your revenue to the spa owner, but if you’re able to generate enough traffic it can be a win-win!

Having others like a spa do a large chunk of the marketing work for you can also alleviate one of the largest stressers when it comes to teeth whitening, finding clients.

Local Business Meet Ups: In many communities there are groups that meet together to display and advertise their local business ventures. These groups can mean the opportunity to not only provide your service during meetings but partner with other local businesses to market and operate.

Do research into what local business groups exist in your community. Many of these groups can be found marketing themselves on Facebook. Other places to look for such groups are in your local chamber of commerce. Partnering with other local businesses in any fashion can be extremely useful for getting the word around about your venture.

Whitening Parties: It’s likely your family and friends will want to help you reach success in your business. One of the best and most profitable ways to do this is by hosting whitening parties at their homes with all of their friends. For these you will usually want to own more than 1 whitening light, however you can get by with just the one light as well.

To learn more about how to host a whitening party, check out our blog on how to host the perfect teeth whitening party here.

Gyms: Gyms are similar to spas in the fact that people who care about their appearance are usually the same people that go to a gym. You can benefit off of a gym’s traffic by partnering with them by hosting whitening sessions in the gym. Like a spa you will have to split your revenue so plan accordingly. 

Health Product Providers: A health product provider is someone or store that provides health products such as beauty, supplements, protein and a number of other products to consumers. Many of these people sell these products from their homes and others may own supplement or beauty stores.

For those providers who operate out of their home with a loyal customer base, you can provide them with the opportunity to host similar house parties for their clients with a revenue sharing plan.


Operations can span a large area.Other homes may not be optimal for treatment.
People feel comfortable in their home.Local restrictions on a mobile business.
Cheap to start.Less room for expansion.
Tax benefits.No street advertising.
Easy to start.Can take a lot of time to get from one appointment to another.
Forms personal relationships.Gas is expensive.
Can mean more involvement in the community.Insurance can be high.