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Making Money With Chairside Whitening Treatments

Performing professional chairside whitening treatments should become your main source of teeth whitening income. In order to perform these treatments with Vivid Teeth Whitening Products, you will first need to receive your certification by taking the professional teeth whitening training course and completing the exam at the end of the course. Performing chairside treatments can become very lucrative with the average whitening professional charging $130 to $180 per treatment. Doing just one treatment every workday at a price of $150 can mean $3,600 a month in revenue, with costs being as low as $15 – $20 per treatment.

Your primary business should be structured around performing and marketing these treatments as a teeth whitening professional. These treatments are what make you a trusted whitening professional. The more clients you serve with chairside treatments the more trust you will gain for other money making ventures like selling aftercare products.

Making Money Selling After-care Products

We provide high quality and low cost whitening products for you to sell after a whitening treatment or even on an online marketplace or store. Some of our whitening professionals are able to sell these products to 70% of their customer base after treatment, making them hundreds of extra dollars a month. Adding these products as part of your business is an easy way to add more value to your business and provide your customers with long term whitening solutions after treatment.

Making Money As A Course Ambassador or Trainer

At Vivid Teeth Whitening we train professional teeth whitening trainers! As a live trainer you can make up to $1,200 for each person that you train in your spa or home!

We offer help getting started training others! Ask us today!

Referring people to Vivid is easy! As you perform your treatments many people will ask you questions about how you were trained and how they might be able to do the same thing. Simply give them your referral code and tell them about our awesome training program! Once they purchase the course with your code you will get paid your referral bonus! Ambassadors can make unlimited amounts of referrals alone. Many pay for their course using this method to refer friends and family who work for them to develop a business.