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Building a website may seem like a lot of work, however today there are a ton of website builders that will allow you to build a good website in under 30 minutes for pretty cheap.

Having a website will further legitimize your business and likely separate you from the crowd of other whitening professionals in your area because most people decide not to have a website, or they don’t put the work into building one.

Below we have listed some super easy to use website builders for you.

  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Google Website

What should be included on your website?

Basic Information: 

Explain to your website visitors your service in the simplest terms possible. Preferably 1-3 sentences. An example may be:

“Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment. Get a whiter smile in less than 90 minutes!”


What services or products do you offer? Be specific with what is included in the service and pricing for each service. An example may be:

“Service: Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Treatment

Description: A professional teeth whitening treatment with my 4 shades brighter smile guaranteed.

Time: 90 minutes.

Price: $200

Call To Action:

You need to always include an invitation to your customers to book your professional teeth whitening service. An example may be:

“Do you want a brighter smile? Book an appointment today!”

People will rarely book an appointment or make an action on your website without the invitation to do so.

Contact Information:

Include a way for your customers to book your service, your phone number and email. For most whitening professionals they just make bookings through the phone.

  1. Register your business with ‘Google My Business”

Do you want people to be able to find you who are already searching for local teeth whitening solutions? 

Then you will have to register your business on ‘Google My Business”. 

Now Google My Business is a great resource to have so that you can be found by those who are actually searching for your teeth whitening services.

Google My Business will be more helpful if:

  1. You have an address for your teeth whitening business.
  2. You have a website.
  3. You have a way for people to reach out to you directly like a business phone number.

To set-up Google My Business and register your teeth whitening business click here. Then fill out the easy to follow form. Make sure you include images, contact information and your website. If you do not include these things Google will likely not display your business to those who are searching for it.