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Empowering non-dental teeth whitening beauty professionals with training, support and supplies.
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Professional Teeth Whitening comes with a lot of questions, that's why we have whitening techs that you can reach out to for support. (Bonus: Get a discount on everything when you get help!)
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Co-founder - Abigayle Turner
"We wanted to make starting with professional teeth whitening as easy as possible! So we took all that we had learned from our own spa's and put it into Vivid Teeth Whitening so others could have an easy to use resource and the support  they needed to start brightening smiles all in one place!"
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The Professional Teeth Whitening Training Course

Making money while brightening smiles has NEVER been easier with our official online training and certification program! No need to go into a clinic or school. Learn everything you need to, right here on our website. 

100% passing rate!
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Professional Teeth Whitening Starter Packages

Get Everything - You need to start in a single package. The most high quality gels and professional whitening products on the market, made affordable for those who train on our website!
Eris Koike, Idaho
Abigayle was very quick to reply to any questions I had and explained everything that I wanted to know. She was also really friendly and fun to talk to throughout the process. I'm very happy and satisfied.
Mia Johansen, Utah
Seriously the most pleasant service!! Abigayle was so laid back and talkative, she makes you feel like it’s over in five minutes!! Totally worth the investment
Hannah Ferrin, New York
I loved my experience with Abby here at Vivid! The online course is easy to follow has a lot of information and the staff were able to answer all the remaining question I had after.

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