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Getting Started With Teeth Whitening Has Never Been Easier

Guiding you to professional teeth whitening success with guides, expertise and more! We are teeth whitening professionals helping teeth whitening professionals.
The 3 ways to do professional teeth whitening. As a spa owner, home professional or through a mobile business.

So Many Ways To Start Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening professionals operate in so many ways! The most common ways are from a studio at home, at a spa or by traveling to your customers. Click on the links below to read the articles and learn more.
Person in the middle of taking the professional teeth whitening course and receiving help.

Resources To Help You With Your Business

We provide more than just a course for performing the professional teeth whitening treatment. Members also receive exclusive access to our business course which helps teeth whitening professionals get started and operate their business.

Steps For Getting Started!

  • Woman looking into mirror after a teeth whitening treatment. Step 1 is to become trained and certified.

    Become Trained & Certified

    You cannot start your teeth whitening venture without training and certification. Our training course is the most in-depth on the market giving you everything you need to know to perform a treatment safely and with confidence.
  • A graph showing how to buy professional teeth whitening products.

    Get Supplies

    You will need some supplies to get started. We have all the essentials here in our store. Shop professional teeth whitening kits, lights and more!
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  • Woman doing business research on her bedroom floor.

    Do Your Research

    When your starting a teeth whitening business you are likely to have lots of questions. This research will help you establish a direction.
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  • Woman doing business research on her couch. Writing down notes.

    Create A Plan

    Having a plan written out is essential. When your starting a business it can become difficult to keep track of all your thoughts and ideas, below is a link to template that can help you lay things out.
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  • An insurance agent talking to teeth whitening professionals about getting insurance.

    Get Licensed & Insuranced

    You cannot legally run a business without a business license and insurance is essential for protecting you from liabilities. Though they seem donting, these steps are actually super easy and fast to get done!
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  • Woman with teeth shade guide showing how white her teeth can be.


    Don't just jump right in and perform a teeth whitening treatment without first getting some practice. We recommend practicing on 2-3 friends and family members before servicing your first client.
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  • A teeth whitening professional with advertising materials for others.

    Find Your Customers

    This is often viewed as the most difficult part of doing professional teeth whitening. However, EVERYONE wants a brighter smile. So, with that in mind remember your service is an easy sale.
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  • Woman smiling with white teeth and open eyes.

    Keep Going!

    Starting our can be tough, but if you have grit we know that you can be successful, so the last step is too keep going! Eventually customers will come to you with little to no effort!

Don't Know Where To Start?

We make getting started as a teeth whitening professional as easy as possible.

Training + Membership

  • Certification Course
  • Client Waivers
  • Business Course
  • 10% Discounts On All Products
  • Lifetime Updates
  • And More!
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