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Place Your Brand On Any Teeth Whitening Product

Customized teeth whitening solutions your way! Call and order your custom products today!

Customized Whitening Products

There are several ways available for you to customize your products. We don't recommend worrying about customization until you have built your brand and clientele.

Vivid Teeth Whitening Branded Products

Our brand represents high quality teeth whitening products, using our brand image is not a bad way to run your business, and in many cases it can give you leg up on the competition.

White Labeled

A white labeled whitening product is where you leave the canvas blank with no brand logo associated with the product. In other words you leave the brand off the product.

Custom Brand Labeled 

Many of our products can be custom branded with your business logo! You can add your logo onto anything from the packaging to the products themselves such as the whitening pen.

*Custom branding can have 4-8 weeks of lead time for customization.

Custom Brand Your Whitening Products 

Learn about how to personalize your business.