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The Official Teeth Whitening Training Program.

Whitening Techs, Helping Whitening Techs.
The Official Professional Teeth Whitening Training Course For Non-Dental Beauty Professionals.
We teach you how to perform the professional teeth whitening treatment online (or commonly called 'laser teeth whitening') so you can have the necessary skills you need to professionally brighten the smiles of others safely and effectively!
Train Completely Online
Work For Yourself
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Whitening Techs, Helping Whitening Techs

We are a community of teeth whitening professionals helping each other be successful. Don't go at it alone, ask a successful whitening tech for help today and move yourself in the right direction!
Image of Abby holding professional teeth whitening gel pen.
Co-founder - Abigayle Turner
"We wanted to make starting with professional teeth whitening as easy as possible! So we took all that we had learned from our own spa's and put it into Vivid Teeth Whitening so others could have an easy to use resource and the support  they needed to start brightening smiles all in one place!"
Questions form!

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Why Train With Vivid Teeth Whitening?

We have created the most in-depth online teeth whitening course on the market, made specifically for non-dental beauty professionals.  
We give you access to teeth whitening professionals who can help answer your questions, train you and give you amazing advice to push you forward.
You get amazing perks when you train like discounts on everything you need to get started, support, guides, our professional business course and so much more!
Modern professional teeth whitening technique and chart showing what you will learn in the course.

What do you need to start?

Not much - Your professional teeth whitening business can be started right from the comfort of your own home. The majority of our trained professionals serve their clients from their homes or a space they rent from a beauty parlor. 
Training - The most important thing you will need to start is training. We provide training and a certification program that you can get done in just a FEW HOURS, with 100% pass rate.
The 3 ways to do professional teeth whitening. As a spa owner, home professional or through a mobile business.

WAIT! Do People Need Professional Teeth Whitening?

YES! - The best services solve a wide spread problem and NOTHING makes people more insecure than a bad smile...
Which is why... they love professional teeth whitening. There is NO product that you can get on the market that comes even close to the whitening power and durability of professional teeth whitening.
Professional teeth whitening makes smiles on average 4-9 shades brighter and lasts up to an ENTIRE year.
Two images side by side with a person receiving the laser teeth whitening treatment.
Unlike - at home whitening treatments that you might buy from the store, Professional Teeth Whitening uses the "paint-on" method of whitening teeth and not a whitening tray. It also uses high powered gels that you can't get in-store or online due to training requirements.
It works by - The teeth whitening professional (You!) applies high powered whitening gel to the clients teeth using a gel pen that has an attached brush on the tip. Once applied the tech then uses a 'Blue LED light' to heat the gel creating a chemical reaction that  whitens the teeth.
Professional teeth whitening certification course with course highlighted on mobile device.


Bonus #1 - Our business course to help you get started.
Bonus #2 - Lifetime 10% discount on everything we sell. (Save hundreds on supplies!)
Bonus #3 - Our checklist guide that makes getting started 10X easier.
Bonus #4 - Access to real successful teeth whitening professionals.
Don't Wait! We have the most in-depth certification course on the market & you can become certified in just a few of hours!


These are just a handful of topics that we will cover In Training, we provide the most extensive training on the market & more helpful material than anyone else!


Train Completely Online
Become Trained In 2 Hours
Learn The Skills You Need To Know To Successful
Make Money Brightening The Smiles Of Others
LIFETIME Of Course Updates 

You can start your course demo today for FREE, TRAIN and LEARN all you need to know about becoming a professional whitening tech.

Eris Koike, Idaho
Abigayle was very quick to reply to any questions I had and explained everything that I wanted to know. She was also really friendly and fun to talk to throughout the process. I'm very happy and satisfied.
Mia Johansen, Utah
Seriously the most pleasant service!! Abigayle was so laid back and talkative, she makes you feel like it’s over in five minutes!! Totally worth the investment
Hannah Ferrin, New York
I loved my experience with Abby here at Vivid! The online course is easy to follow has a lot of information and the staff were able to answer all the remaining question I had after.


We know you have a lot of questions, we have a lot of answers.
You can get access to a lot of our course and guides for FREE right now during your course demo! Too become officially certified by Vivid Teeth Whitening it cost $300. (BUT... I'll tell you a secret if you sign up today we will offer you a $100 discount on the next page.)
Step-by-step video instruction on how to perform the professional teeth whitening treatment (Also known as "Laser Teeth Whitening".) Everything you need to know to keep your clients safe during the teeth whitening process, how to care for clients teeth before and after treatment, and sooo much more! PLUS BONUS courses on how to start and set-up your own teeth whitening business.
Yes definitely! You can charge anywhere from $150 to $300 per 90 minute appointment. We have professionals who train with us that make anywhere from  $2,000 to $7,000 every single month.

What's in the certification course?

Certification Image showing course and the professional teeth whitening certification.
6 topics going over the best safety practices of professional teeth whitening. Including wearing PPE, Sanitation and Safety of the whitening gel and other materials used during the treatment.
6 topics going over how to properly use all of the professional teeth whitening tools and gels. Including the whitening gel, LED whitening light, shade guide and desensitizing pen.
Learn about why your customers teeth are stained and about the different types of stains you will encounter during the teeth whitening process. Learn how to evaluate the best treatments for each client.
Perhaps one of the most important lessons we teach is how to determine whether or not an individual should or shouldn't whiten their teeth. In this section you will learn what to look for in a proper consultation.
In this section you will learn about the professional whitening process and how it works. You will learn why the "paint-on-method" of teeth whitening is the most effective and safe whitening treatment.
This is the golden lesson of how to actually properly perform the professional whitening treatment step by step as you follow Abby along in these exclusive videos and modules.
In this section you will learn what happens after a professional teeth whitening treatment and how to guide your clients to care for their teeth and earn their future business back.