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Maximize The Value of Your Business By Adding Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic teeth whitening is perfect for beauty professionals, cosmetologists and salons that want to add a revenue driven service for their clientele.
Headshot of cosmetic beauty professional.
"Adding teeth whitening to lash and beauty salon was super easy. I just had customers coming in and seeing the chair and lights, then asking me for it."
Lash & Love - Kate Moore
An Esthetician training to become a teeth whitening professional.

The Perfect Add-on Service For Your Beauty Services

You already have the clients, why not give them another beauty service that they will love. Everyone wants a brighter smile and they need someone they can trust to give it to them. We find that our trained cosmetic professionals do exceptionally well with teeth whitening, creating another revenue stream for their business.
Two images side by side with a person receiving the laser teeth whitening treatment.

How Does Teeth Whitening Compare?

Compared to other cosmetic services professional teeth whitening is on the high-end of those services. Most teeth whitening professionals make $150-$250 per 90 minute appointment. The best part is that professional teeth whitening can often be done at the same time as other services. Start by signing up for training below. Give your clients a brighter smile!


Add Teeth Whitening To Your Services

Your clients are already looking for a brighter smile! Let them get it from you.
Hair stylist thinking about teeth whitening.

Hair Artists

Use your salon chair and add a light that's all you need.

Eyebrow & Lash Professionals

Most of these professionals only need to add a few simple materials to get started.
lash stylist doing lashes.
Esthetician doing a facial.


People come to you looking for beauty. We have solutions that can match what you offer.
Are Your Leaving Money On The Table?
Your customers want a brighter smile and you can give it to them!
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