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Teeth Whitening Opens The Door To Success Giving Oppurtunities

Professional teeth whitening is a high end beauty service which opens the door to many money making opportunities.

How Do Whitening Professionals Make Money?

Woman smiling printing out her professional teeth whitening client waivers.

Performing Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Treatments

With an average price point of $150. Teeth Whitening Professionals find that the most lucrative way to make money is through performing cosmetic teeth whitening treatments. This is the basis of what we do here at Vivid Teeth Whitening. Starting is as easy as signing up for $99 membership & course.
Teeth whitening professional behind counter selling Vivid Teeth Whitening products.

Selling Teeth Whitening Products

Your client's likely love their teeth! Which means they want to the best products for when they go home. Some of our professionals are able to sell products to 70% of their customers, adding an extra $200 - $500 to their pocket.
Modern professional teeth whitening technique and chart showing what you will learn in the course.

Help Train Others

You can make money as a course advocate! By referring other's to our training course you can make $45 per person that you refer! Once you are an established whitening professional, you can even become a trainer making yourself up to $1200 per trainee.

Use our calculator and see what you could make!

Plug-in the these numbers and see what you could be earning each month.