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Built To Empower Teeth Whitening Professionals

We built Vivid Teeth Whitening to create better professional teeth whitening resources, training and products for whitening professional everywhere.
Image of Abby holding professional teeth whitening gel pen.
"I wanted to make starting with professional teeth whitening as easy as possible! So we took all that we had learned from our own spa's and put it into Vivid Teeth Whitening so others could have an easy to use resource and the support  they needed to start brightening smiles all in one place!"
Co-founder - Abigayle Turner

The Vivid Teeth Whitening Story

We started our professional teeth whitening business with a small spa in Idaho. Getting started was super difficult, it was hard to tell who we could trust with our training and products. In the end our training was not very good and we had to switch our product provider 3 times. 
After a couple years of life lessons we decided we wanted to fix the industry by providing better more in-depth training, resources others could turn to for help, and cheaper high quality products for getting started. That is where we are today!